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Small Businesses, Unable to Offer Their Own Healthcare Plans, Help Employees Get Health Insurance

Offering company-wide personal medical insurance to employees is putting too great a strain on many small business' bottom line.

So that's why some small business owners are instead choosing to offer their workers money to get personal insurance plans of their own. Read more:

Why Men Are Still Charged More for Car Insurance

You can debate with your friends as much as you want about which gender drives better than the other -- but it won't change the fact that men still pay significantly more for their car insurance, recent reports confirm. According to a July 25 Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, a recent analysis conducted by has found that the average 25 year old male who hasn't had any tickets or accidents can expect to pay as much as $358 more for personal auto insurance, on average, than a woman with the same profile. Read more:

Nearly 90% of Uninsured Americans Won't Be Penalized By Affordable Care Act

Approximately 90% of the 30 million uninsured Americans will be exempt from fines and penalties in 2016 due to increasing exemptions in the Affordable Care Act's coverage requirements. According to an August 6 Wall Street Journal article, the healthcare reform behemoth, which was created to enforce personal medical insurance for every American, now has so many exemptions to the penalty of not getting covered that most uninsured Americans can qualify for at least one of the exemptions.  Read more:

health insurance reform hits another roadbump with eligibility concerns

An independent audit conducted on federal health care exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act has found that federal and state officials haven't been adequately checking if new customers are eligible for coverage or financial assistance with premiums. A July 1st New York Times article reported that Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, Daniel R. Levinson, gave a report to Congress saying the exchanges did not have the necessary safeguards “to prevent the use of inaccurate or fraudulent information when determining eligibility”  Read more:

How Renters Insurance Could Help College Students Living in a Dorm

As the summer comes to a close and college students across the country start packing up to return to campus, they should also consider bringing along something that they can't pack in a suitcase but is still a college essential. As new reports have shown, college students who live in a dorm room or any other rented space could benefit immensely from getting a renters insurance quote. Read more: