How’s Your Car?

Make sure to really take a look at your car. Take photos of your car, and scene of accident. If you're safe from oncoming traffic, turn off your car and get out. If your car is drivable, move it off to the side of the road.


Call the Police.

Painful as this seems, calling the police is the best thing to do. Depending on where you are, they may not come to the scene to check things out. But at least you've reported the accident.


Call your insurance company or Johnson & Fletcher Insurance.

The sooner they/we know what happened, the sooner they/we can help you.


Get the facts before the other driver leaves.

Write down the name, address, phone number and driver's license number for the other driver and any witnesses. Exchanging insurance company information is the best thing to do.

Helpful Claim Tips


Do not make permanent repairs.

Make only temporary repairs, those designed to protect your home from further damage, before a claims representative’s inspection.


Keep receipts.

Keep receipts for temporary repairs made to protect your home from further damage. If you are unable to live in your home as a result of the damage, keep receipts for any costs incurred for additional living expenses (lodging, meals, etc.).


Inventory Items.

Inventory your damaged items. Include photographs and any information you have about them, such as manufacturer, model, and year purchased.


Keep Damaged Items.

Until the claims representative’s inspection, do not discard damaged items. If the items must be disposed of due to safety hazards, be sure to take photos or video footage showing the damage.


Report theft or burglary to the police.

Report theft or burglary to the police before contacting your

insurance agent or insurance company.


Water leaks.

Contact a plumber to determine the source of the water leak. Your insurance agent of claims representative can recommend a water extraction company to assist with clean up and help prevent further damage.

Report A Claim

When faced with a loss, it is critical that you reach your agent or your insurance company in a timely manner.


If you have any doubt as to whether or not to file a claim, please call our office to discuss any potential loss. Please contact us directly at 352-373-4381 if it is during regular office hours and you need to file a claim. For after hours claim assistance please refer to your policy to file your claim direct with your insurance company.


Once your claim has been reported, you will be contacted by a claims adjuster. In the meantime, please see our helpful tips below to best to protect your property and avoid further damage.


Please contact us at any time during the claims process with your questions or concerns.