This is the first step of the business analysis where we assess where you are now as a whole organization.  The goal here is to identify gaps and obstacles that are obstructing and hampering success.
         This is the most important step in the process and is can be conducted via several means including executive, management and employee interviews and or employer surveys.
 It is imperative at the conclusion of this step to have an intimate understanding of such things as:

•Goals and Objectives    •Effective and Documented Financial Controls    •Employee Relations

       •Sales and Marketing    •Human Resources    •Company Culture


        The next step of the analysis is where we proceed to develop a business plan that will act as a guide for the continued health and success of your business.  We in fact map the steps required to achieve the overall goal.

These plans can consist of but are not limited to:

               •Communication Problems    •Problem Employees    •Management Challenges    •No Articulated Culture

Articulate the culture

        Organizational culture is the set of shared beliefs, values and norms that influence the way members of the organization think, feel, represent and behave within and outside the business.
        It is in the best interest of the company that this culture is identified, articulated and understood by all. A clear articulated company culture is the heart of the company, and a healthy heart will support and strengthen the rest of the body.

        We at Johnson & Fletcher Management Solutions identify the culture of a company by understanding the manifestation of several fundamentals such as:

        •Artifacts of the business    •Values of the business    •Studying the underlying assumptions of the business.


        Here is where we make it happen and the magic begins.  This is the big part. This is the implementation stage. However we will teach you how to educate your employees so they can nurture the plan to growth.
        We also don’t just give you information, take our compensation and hit the road.  We at Johnson & Fletcher Management Solutions will be there for you throughout the process.
        It is in this phase that we:

         •Prioritize the Objectives of the Analysis    •Set Realistic Goals and Time Table    •Communicate the Plan


        This is where we sit back and watch the results. However it’s imperative that we keep an eye on the goals set. 
We will always be there to keep your plan alive and well.
        This is accomplished through:

        •Staying Committed    •Short-Term Strategy Reviews    •Creating a Champion for every strategy and action

                 •Set and Plan Milestones    •Reward Success    •Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

HR Management

  • Create a customized handbook and/or evaluate existing handbook for premium HR practices, including adherence to ADA, FMLA, FLSA, ACA and COBRA regulations while also providing information on the following:
  • Employment
  • Benefits and Services
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Separation
  • Time Off/PTO
  • Standards of Conduct

ADP Alliance Partnership Includes:

  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Calculating and Submitting Payroll Deductions
  • Timely Tax Deposits
  • Quarterly and Annual Tax Filing Reports
  • W2 Processing​
  • ACA Reporting

The Process

Talent Acquisition

   Johnson & Fletcher Management Solutions provides recruiting services and solutions that  includes:

  • Applicant Profiles
  • Expert Talent Selection
  • Custom Job Description
  • Salary Negotiations
Operations Management

    Johnson & Fletcher Management Solutions provides custom solutions such as:

  • Company surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Succession Planning
  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruiting
  • Orientations/ Onboarding
  • Exit Process
  • Lay Offs
  • Background Checks​

services We Offer

Corporate Development

  • Coach and counsel management and supervisors on all HR matters on an ongoing basis including progressive discipline, terminations and employee relation issues.
  • Customized training – sexual harassment, performance management, etc.

Management Solutions

Corporate Compliance

  • Research and communicate issues relating to changing labor laws.
  • Coach and Counsel on legal compliance issues, defensible terminations, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Address vulnerable risk areas, wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment, wage and hour, etc.
  • Create Employment Agreements such as non-competes, NDA's and severance agreements.

        Sometimes it requires an external entity to give an independent and un-biased perspective to internal problems or negative factors affecting a business. At Johnson & Fletcher Management Solutions we implement what we call the “Management Solutions Process” but our clients get more than consulting advice.  
        They get fresh perspective.  The get the experience of proven business leaders.  They get new energy, ideas and enthusiasm. They get answers, laughter, compassion and they most important of all get results.
        The Management Solutions Process is a proven developed business analysis. Within the process we investigate ideas, problems, formulate options and articulate the business culture for a clear path forward to an even better business.