Individual Health

Individual health insurance is a type of health insurance purchased by an individual or family, independent of any employer group or organization.


Group Health

Group health insurance is a health insurance plan that provides benefits for employees of a business or members of an organization.


Dental insurance is a insurance plan that provides coverage for dental examinations or procedures, whether routine or not, to help keep your dental health in check.


An insurance plan typically offered only on a group basis which covers routine eye examinations and which may also cover all or part of the costs associated with contact lenses or eyeglasses.


Disability coverage replaces a portion of earned income lost due to a disability. This coverage provides benefits to help you pay daily living expenses and keep your savings and retirement assets intact.

Cancer/Accident Policies

Cancer/Accident policies  provide a cash benefit to an insured employee or family member diagnosed with a covered serious illness. This coverage can also be purchased for a spouse or dependent.

Medicare Products

Health insurance provided to an individual or group that is intended to help fill in the gaps in the coverage provided by Medicare.

Long Term Care

Long term care is the care you receive when you cannot take care of yourself for an extended period of time. This  are can come from a number of sources such as an adult day care center, assisted living facility, community care, home care, hospice care facility, hospital long term care unit, or nursing home.


Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a degree of financial protection against the certainty of death and can help survivors achieve specified financial objectives. Life insurance death benefits can be used to complete a retirement plan, generate lifetime income, pay off the mortgage, and provide funds for childcare, college educations and more.

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